Technology & Security Assessments

Why an Assessment?

Whether your company is seeking to add a new technology, resolve operational issues, understand your security position for compliance purposes, or simply wants to gain a clearer understanding of the condition of your technology operations and processes, a full technology assessment from Elect IT Solutions is a critical first step in obtaining the information and visibility that is needed to move forward in the most strategic and appropriate manner. So many organizations attempt to forge ahead without truly knowing their current IT capacity or capabilities and as a result, many organizations waste valuable IT and corporate dollars trying to get to a destination without understanding their starting point. Additionally, we have seen the trend of hackers and identity thieves targeting small-medium businesses, because like large organizations they have sensitive and personally identifiable information, but typically lack the resources and time to properly secure their systems.


The Value of Elect’s Technology & Security Assessment

When completed, Elect’s Technology & Security assessment produces a comprehensive report of our findings on the the health, security, and condition of your IT systems and processes, as well as recommendations for potential areas of improvement. Our actionable recommendations will assist you in aligning technology to your business goals and objectives, while also providing the direction to stabilize, secure, and strengthen your IT environment.  It is our mission to provide the information in a manner that is productive for business stakeholders, executive management, and IT staff so that all can share in the proper visioning and strategy for IT.

We leverage industry leading security and network tools to help analyze the health and status of the systems. This is done to measure the potential impact of new or different technologies that are possibly being considered. A senior consultant maintains oversight of the assessment process and we provide experts to delve into areas of particular focus as needed. The assessment team will provide and present the final report with supporting documentation to the interested client personnel, as well as provide printed and electronic versions.

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