The Elect Approach: We believe in Christian virtues. We believe in the power of relationships. We believe a service provider should be just that. We believe in doing IT the right way!

Elect was founded by Nelson and Wendy Witmer with a goal of providing technology and consulting services with a Christian relationship approach to both our customers and our employees. ‘Elect’ is based on Colossians 3:12-17 where we are given a model of Christian virtues that we should strive to keep, and also an acknowledgement that all that we do should be done in a manner that honors God. We simply hold this up as a model and manner in which we choose to conduct our business. And, while understanding that potential clients and employees may come from different backgrounds and beliefs, we believe that doing business this way is the right way. More importantly, we understand that with the vast number of technologies, and increasingly rapid consumption rate of those technologies, it is impossible for one individual to be an expert in each area of technology. Elect IT Solutions has assembled a team of certified and trusted technology professionals to help ensure that our services are always delivered in a manner consistent with our proven methodologies, beliefs, and our clients’ expectations.

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